What Our Client Says

  • Thank you for an excellent job on the car.

    Robert Wilson

  • Thank you for working on the car yesterday it looks very smart!

    Martin Scott

  • RTS Valeting are exceptional car valeters. Robert is highly skilled and knowledgeable. I have had our own vehicles taken care of by Robert plus recommended some of our vintage and classic car clients to RTS Valeting too. His work always exceeds our expectations. I’m happy to recommend RTS Valeting to anyone.

    DMark Concepts – Panelling, parts and coachbuilding specialists.

    Don Standhaft, DMark Concepts

  • Car Valet? More like a cosmetic surgeon

    From the moment she bought her car almost two years ago, my dear wife has grumbled about the grime and the pong inside. Despite all her best efforts with elbow grease and perfume, her beloved car – not to put too fine a point on it – still stank.

    Its previous owner had obviously been a dog-owner and occasional smoker, and judging by the coating of dirt in every inaccessible nook and cranny, must have spent more time with the dog lead or a cigarette in his hand than a cleaning cloth. Mrs Mouth has done her gallant best but, as with so many things, to little avail.

    Now, however, the car is transformed, as if by magic. Inside and out, it looks as though it has just left the showroom. Its odour is reminiscent of the perfume counter in a posh department store and, at the ripe old age of eight, it looks new-born.

    The reason? She has had it valeted. It’s not something we have ever done before, believing that car valeting was an expensive indulgence exclusive to lazy. rich folk or motor dealers wanting to add a little extra sheen and a few extra pounds on the sale price.

    We don’t think that any more. After seeing what a simply extraordinary transformation has been performed, we are converts to the specialist skills of the car valet. My car is booked in for the treatment soon and we intend to make it a regular, if infrequent event.

    Now, I don’t know whether all car valets are as good as Robert’s [at RTS Valeting], but the £75 [now the Platinum Plus Valet] that we forked out for his de luxe programme must have put hundreds on the perceived value of the car. Not that it is for sale, of course.

    The interior is astonishing. The upholstery looks new, the fascia and trim shine like polished gems, and the tricky bits – cup holders, switch indents and such like – are spotless. A nation of germs has been displaced.

    Outside, the wheels and tyres have been painted and burnished, little stone chips in the paintwork have vanished and the old car suddenly looks as pleased with itself as a well-preserved, middle aged lady fresh from a wonderfully successful makeover.

    I suppose there are car-owners about who are natural-born cleaners, perfectionists unable to relax until every speck of dirt has been exterminated, in which case they’ll regard valeting as a cop-out.

    But for those of us who believe life is too short to spend a day armed with rubber gloves, cotton wool buds and strange fluids, a good valet, I reckon, is money very well spent.

    Motor Mouth, Blackmore Vale Article

  • Australian customs is very diligent about ensuring all vehicles imported into Australia are cleaned. They are particularly obsessive, and rightly so, about preventing the spread of soil based diseases from other countries into Australia. Therefore, if they do not feel that the vehicle has been cleaned thoroughly enough, they will steam clean the vehicle again themselves and vast expense to the owner importing the vehicle.

    I wanted to write and tell you that you did a magnificent job. Customs and the sniffer dogs allowed our little Mini into Australia without additional attention. We are very grateful for your care and detailed attention. We are most happy to recommend your services to anyone who is considering importing their vehicle into Australia. Your expertise and knowledge of how to tackle such cleaning was validated by our uneventful customs review.

    – See photos of Katherine’s BMW Mini Clubman in our photo galleries. –

    Katherine Reynolds, Perth, WA, Australia – BMW Mini Clubman