Gold Valet

Our basic deluxe valet with a deep shampoo clean

Our basic duluxe valet

A pressure wash/wax for the exterior, bodywork and wheels plus a de-tar. The wheel arches and door shuts are also washed and degreased then chamois leather dried. Polish bodywork with AutoGlym wax and dress bumper and exterior trim. Clean and polish windows and dress tyres. The car’s interior, boot compartment, trim and dash area are vacuumed and cleaned with a deep shampoo clean on the seats and carpets. We finally dress the interior trim.

Recommended for:

With our Gold Valet in addition to the regular exterior valet your vehicle’s seats and carpets are deep shampoo cleaned which removes stubbern dirt and spillages.


  • Car size

  • Price

  • Small

  • £70.00

  • Standard

  • £80.00

  • Estate or Exec.

  • £90.00

  • 4×4 or MPV

  • £100.00

Car Size Type of car
Small BMW Mini, VW Polo
Standard Ford Mondeo, Renault Magane
Estate or Exec. Mercedes S Class
4×4 or MPV Range Rover, Renault Espace