Internal Valet Only

Internal valet only

Full interior valet.

Recommended for:

Sometimes our clients only require an internal valet this is usually after a child has been sick or there has been a spillage although specialist treatments may be required for heavy soiling.


  • Car size

  • Price

  • Small

  • £45.00

  • Standard

  • £55.00

  • Estate or Exec.

  • £60.00

  • 4×4 or MPV

  • £70.00

Car Size Type of car
Small BMW Mini, VW Polo
Standard Ford Mondeo, Renault Magane
Estate or Exec. Mercedes S Class
4×4 or MPV Range Rover, Renault Espace

Photo Gallery Examples

The foot-well interior of this Mercedes needed attention, but now looks good as new.

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