Platinum Valet

Our best value deluxe valet

Our best value deluxe valet

A pressure wash/wax for the exterior, bodywork and wheels plus a de-tar. The wheel arches and door shuts are also washed and degreased, then a leather chamois dry. We then machine wax the bodywork and dress bumper and exterior trim with a long life dressing. Clean and polish windows and dress tyres, the wheels are polished with a wax protecor. The car’s interior, boot compartment, trim and dash area are vacuumed and wiped. We also deep shampoo the seats and carpets, clean and treat headlining, sun visors, door panels, dashboard, parcel shelf, glove boxes, ashtrays, side pockets, steering wheel, interior controls, furniture and fittings. The interior trim receives a dress and we finish with an air freshener.

FREE vehicle pick up and delivery within a 10mile radius of our workshop in Tarrant Gunville.

Recommended for:

The RTS Platinum valet will leave your vehicle in top order. Recommended for executive cars or tired vehicles that need that little extra attention. After a thorough wash we machine polish/wax your vehicles exterior which will add life to tired paintwork. The interior receives a deep shampoo in addition to treatment to your car’s internal furniture and fittings.


  • Car size

  • Price

  • Small

  • £90.00

  • Standard

  • £100.00

  • Estate or Exec.

  • £110.00

  • 4×4 or MPV

  • £120.00

Car Size Type of car
Small BMW Mini, VW Polo
Standard Ford Mondeo, Renault Magane
Estate or Exec. Mercedes S Class
4×4 or MPV Range Rover, Renault Espace